My daughter, Nabilah has been under the tutelage of Dr Maria since January 2018. She helps my daughter by clarifying her doubts in Elementary & Additional Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry.

Under Dr Maria’s guidance, Nabilah’s grades have improved tremendously. She attained A1 for both her Mathematics and A2 for both Sciences during the recent 2018 ‘O’ Level examination.

During each session with Dr Maria, she will point out Nabilah’s mistakes and address any misconceptions. She is patient in explaining difficult questions and this helps to bridge any learning gaps.

Her dedication especially during the days leading to ‘O’ Levels has certainly contributed to Nabilah’s success. Without Dr Maria’s help, Nabilah would not have performed as well.

Parent of Nabilah Ulfah (O-Level E Mathematics, A Mathematics, Pure Physics and Pure Chemistry)

Dr Maria is an amazing teacher who shows utmost care and understanding towards her students. She considers our individual ability and tries to match her pace with ours. Having her as a teacher has greatly improve my Math and Chemistry tremendously. She is truly an extremely good teacher.

Ryan Cham, Sec 3 (O-Level E Mathematics, A Mathematics and Pure Chemistry)

Dr Maria Low has helped me in many ways as coming into tuition in late July, I was having difficulty in both my Physics and Mathematics. Of course being in the Normal Academic and a Secondary Four, I was worried that I was going to fail both of my most important subjects. I started to attend tuition conducted by Dr Maria Low and I began to understand much more particularly on the chapters that I was uncertain about. For instant, chapters on Kinematics for both Physics and Math was so much clearer after I attended tuition. As after numerous of persistent practice and explanation by Dr Maria Low, I am much more confident now when answering question regarding the weaker chapters. Not forgetting the understanding of the rest of the chapters as it build my confidence to excel in the subject thanks to Dr Maria Low. I wished that I had join in much earlier as it would have impacted not only me but my grades so much more. This made my overall experience great as I could pick up many tips along the way that would benefit me in the long run.

Hana, Sec 4 (N-Level E Mathematics and Science Physics)

Dr Maria has helped me understand topics that I previously had stumbled with and my marks for both Physics and Chemistry have improved. She provides concise yet detailed explanations on topics and questions that I had problems with and it really motivated me to do better for the subjects that she taught me. There has been significant improvement in my marks and I am sure that it will continue improving thanks to her. The sessions have been very beneficial and will definitely help me for my O-Levels and in the future.

Aiman, Sec 4 (Improved from F9 to B3 for both Pure Physics and Chemistry in 2017 O-Levels, went to JC in 2018)

Dr Maria has helped me a lot in my understanding of Physics and Chemistry concepts. She has helped me understand difficult topics such as electricity and magnetism in Physics and metals and organic chemistry in Chemistry. I have improved from a F9 to a C5 for my Physics after 9 Physics lessons. She is a very professional teacher as she always answers our questions in a very detailed manner. She is a very hardworking teacher who does not give up on her students.

Radin, Sec 4 (Improved from F9 to A2 for Pure Physics and from F9 to C6 for Pure Chemistry – L1R5 39pts in prelims to L1R5 13pts in 2017 O-Levels, went to JC in 2018)

I have improved my grades tremendously over the period of these past few months. With Dr Maria’s ability to explain clearly to me, I am able to catch up with the pace of my other classmates in school. Not only am I able to clear my doubts that I have on E Maths here, I am also gaining other useful tips that I could use during my examinations. Dr Maria’s teaching style is very similar to my past school teachers who teaches well, which makes it easier for me to learn.

Adriana, Sec 3 (O-Level E Mathematics)

Dr Maria is a person full of knowledge and always passionate to teach her students. Despite me joining her class a bit later, I was still given equal support in my Science. Through going to Dr Maria’s sessions, my Science subject understanding have become better and I’m still continuing to improve on my Science. Dr Maria also assisted me in my Math subject. Despite me having issues to understand Math well, Dr Maria is very patient with me and continue helping me. I am very thankful to be given the opportunity to improve my Math subject with the help of Dr Maria. My Math has improved and I will work even harder to improve more. Thank you Dr Maria.

Muhd Faizal, Sec 4 (N-Level E Mathematics and Science Physics/Chemistry)

The class and the teacher is fun and Dr Maria is also nice. I enjoy the lessons and look forward every week to attend the lessons. I understand what Dr Maria teaches and she always answers my questions with detailed explanations.

Afiqah, Sec 2 (Lower Secondary Science)

The facilitator conducts her lesson in an interesting manner, including her own experiences and allowing us to do experiments. The programme is fun and enriching and I enjoyed the 4 days of studying here, The information provided in the worksheets is beneficial to me. Dr Maria is a good teacher who explains clearly.

Sean Ling, Sec 2 (Holiday workshop, Physics)

The programme is interesting and easy to understand even though the topics taught were new. The lessons are engaging as there was a balance between theory lessons and experiments.

Nabilah, Sec 4 (Holiday workshop, Physics)

Dr Maria explains the questions step-by-step to show us how to answer them. We are able to approach her when we face doubts. I understand Math better now and have more confidence when answering A and E Math questions.

Hasyir, Sec 4 (O-Level E Mathematics, A Mathematics and Science Physics/Chemistry)