Handcrafted Jewellery Collection

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AGGECU (pronounced A-Gee-Cu) may seems like a strange name in itself. However, this name represents the main metals used in my handcrafted jewellery. The metals used in my handcrafted jewellery are: Pure silver (Ag), Sterling silver (Ag + Cu) and Argentium (Ag + Ge). Ag, Ge and Cu are the chemical symbols for silver, germanium and copper respectively.

As my jewellery are handcrafted, there is only one unique piece of each design. You can email me at mpemaria@hotmail.com or Whatsapp me at +65 93544522 for details.



Earrings (Argentium Silver 935)
Granulation design with heart-shaped silver tassel


Pendant (Argentium Silver 935) inspired by the leaf of the Alocasia sanderiana plant (a.k.a kris plant)
Open work with Oregon Fire Opal


Pure silver earrings (handcrafted using Art clay silver) with blue zircon (lab-created spinel) and trio of pear-shaped white topaz faceted stones
Blue zircon (December birthstone)


Earrings (Argentium Silver 935) with cabochon blue sapphire and granulation design